Отзывы гостей Hotel Cimabue

отель в Флоренции
Via Bonifazio Lupi, 7 · 50129 Firenze Italia
Tel.: +39 055.475601 · +39 055.471989
Fax: +39 055.4630906
Email: info@hotelcimabue.it

Отзывы гостей

  • Anonymous 2013-05-21 3.7

    We were surprised at the tiny bathroom (room 222) and were expecting a bath, from the website I got the impression that a romantic liberty room was more luxurious. Apart from that incorrect impression and the noise from the street, we enjoyed our stay.

  • Anonymous 2013-06-04 4.2

    I had a wonderful stay with you at Hotel Cimabue. The staff was extremely helpful and very nice. Thank you for everything!

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